Magento- The ECommerce Platform Which Offers Endless Support

Business is fast becoming focused on online shopping. There are so many huge business magnets that run stores online and are quite successful too. View their case studies that has been posted at several sites online. Read this brief write up if you are interested in learning how they manage their business online.


What Do You Mean By Magento?


According to a recent article in the site, Magento is an Ecommerce platform that has been introduced by ebay. It is an open source platform that is found in two editions:

  • Magento Community Edition

This edition helps small scale business people. It is a free platform that allows you to build an online shop .You can use the plug ins required from other developers.

  • Magento Enterprise Edition

This edition requires a paid subscription. Normally it is utilized by huge companies that need large area reach. The options offered are much more and support large business partners.


Magento is similar to Wordpress, as it offers a base to build your own store and then design it with the many themes provided.


What are the advantages you gain from this?


1: It’s Secure

Magento is a very secure system that assures you of 100 percent payment security. It complies with global standards in data protection and consumer privacy. Magento meets the 14 protection criteria that have been set by concerned authorities


2: It’s Free

Being a free open source platform is the biggest advantage of Magento. Although it is free, it still has all the reliability that an open source software can offer. You do not need to reply on a central network of administrators to update the platform. You can also use any update available for free.


3: It’s Transparent

Magento is transparent in most of its functions. There are no hidden processing of codes and can be managed by all users alike. It is a very powerful tool that provides support to all aspects of financial management as well as sales management in any business.


4: It Enables Multiple Store Fronts

Another powerful advantage of Magento. Suppose you are a businessman with multiple stores across locations. What do you do if you need to be there at all places at once? The task would seem frightening; however Magento allows you the liberty to operate a chain of stores from a single platform. You can do all this online and control it too. You will be provided with one centralized backend system and there you are! At all places at the same time. Store management has never been so easy, thanks to Magento.


5:It Supports Many Payment Gateways

Magento gives you so many options to go with. It supports a huge number of payment gateways. Run it through Amazon,Snapdeal ,Google checkout or anything else, but still you can manage the payment gateway easily. Magento has so many extensions that you can have all sorts of functionality to manage your store.


Magento is developing to be a giant E-commerce platform that can be used to design a store as and how you like it. Even entry level business people can try their luck here. It is surely a great way to develop a small scale enterprise into a large organization.